A tool for displaying debug information about ROS topics, including publishers, subscribers, publishing rate, and messages.


  • rostopic bw      Display bandwidth used by topic.
  • rostopic echo Print messages to screen.
  • rostopic hz Display publishing rate of topic.
  • rostopic list Print information about active topics.
  • rostopic pub Publish data to topic.
  • rostopic type Print topic type.
  • rostopic find Find topics by type



Rqt graph is a GUI plugin from the Rqt tool suite. With rqt graph you can visualize the ROS graph of your application.

On one window you can see all your running nodes, as well as the communication between them. The nodes and topics will be displayed inside their namespace.

Note: you can’t see ROS services in rqt graph, only topics. This is due to the way services have been implemented.